For every beginning in life,their is always an end point.I will like to illustrate the journey of mankind on earth in a simple story…Once upon a time,a young boy was born by a rich man but was kidnap by a stranger at a very tender age.The parent search everywhere for the boy but couldn’t find him,the stranger took the boy with the intention that the boy will be useful to him if he trains him.He send the boy to school,gives him good food,bought cloth for him and a lot of good things for him.The boy loved him so much that the boy begins to live the exactly live this man was living,the boy became an womanizer,thief,liars and a lot of evil was done by the boy and the man never cautions him because that was his life too.Despite all the good things this man does for the boy,he make sure the boy didn’t found out the truth,he guides against it with all he had..but on that faithful day the boy went to the same hospital where he wa given birth to for blood test and its original parent where there too for that,that day he knows the truth about his life.I realize that the journey to eternity starts by knowing the truth about your life..many today are in the hand of a stranger( the devil),which has blinded their eye to believe that what he is offering them is the best they can get not knowing that God is there real father. Salvation is the first step if you will reign with God in heaven.ARE YOU SAVED?accept Jesus into your life today,tomorrow maybe too late.

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