EXODUS 1 vs 4-12

This is a popular story in the bible which everybody knows and have read over and over again.In my little christian journey i have read this over and over again until recently that the Lord open my eyes to see the major reason why the devil is roaming about like a roaring lion to see whom he will devour and the principle by which he goes about his business in the world.In the course of my reading,the bible says Joseph,his brothers and the pharaoh that knows them died and their arise a new king over the land of the Egypt. The new king develop hatred for the people of God because he sees them as a threat to his reign over the Land of Egypt. The first thing that cut my heart was the present generation of the Israelite then that was suffering because they found themselves in a strange Land. I begin to see a picture of slavery of this generation. I realize that no matter how wealthy,no matter how good looking, no matter the status of anyone in the camp of the Israelite might be then he is still a slave. This was the first matter to me, i saw that everyman that was born according to the Flesh (except Jesus that was conceived by the holy ghost) possess a nature of sin which makes us all slave to sin and to his master the devil. I saw that no matter how wealthy a man may be, no matter how learned, no matter his/her status in life, as long as that nature is still inside, the life is a slave to the devil.However,the bible makes its clear that whoever you serve,you are a slave to Him, therefore, Every soul that is under the bondage of sin and the devil serves the devil as his/her master.The first question that arises within my heart is who am i serving? what am i a slave to?i remember paul in his letter to the Romans saying he is a bond-servant of Jesus, this question goes to you as well,who are you serving and what are you a slave unto? Who as the total authority upon  your life?Good morning contd tomorrow.


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