Exodus 1 vs 4-12

In the course of the study, I have already established the fact that the first thing that matters in life is to make a decision to come into God kingdom, though we were born into sin and in sin our mother conceived us just like the Israelite that was born in slavery and was subjected to it, we also, was born into sin and under is bondage. As i begin to meditate more on this issue , i saw Pharaoh anger kindling more and more about the people of God.I begin to wonder why is he so furious at this people to the extent of killing innocent children,1 Peter 5 vs 8 flash through my mind and i realize that the man (Pharaoh) is still around and still angry against the people of God till this moment.However, i saw that Pharaoh was angry not because of their fruitfulness or increment in their population but because of what might happened in the future.He sensed that a day is coming when these people will demand freedom from him and we want to be free from the bondage they are subjected to. Then i realized why many a times the devil brings so many things on the way of a believer,i begin to see why he will brings temptation and different weight upon a believer not because of the present but because of what the believer might become tomorrow.When Jesus went to the wilderness,he went to tempt  not because of anything but because he sensed the havoc he would caused to is kingdom. If you are a believer, Don’t know that obnoxious challenges you are passing through, i don’t know that temptation he is putting on your way, i don’t know what has happened to you and you think why is this happening to me.I want you to know that he is doing all this thing because of your tomorrow maybe as a youth, you have made up your mind to keep yourself from immorality and your friends laughs at you,they make jest of you,even sometimes they avoid you when they want to discuss some issue because you have make up your mind to live for God. Don’t worry,You are securing your future from the hand of the enemy. Pharaoh was roaring like a lion and he is still roaring looking for someone to devour, looking for a life to destroyed because he is afraid of what God will make out of the life if the life is for God. Therefore,no matter what you are passing through,no matter the challenges,no matter the impediment coming your way,don’t be discouraged. Always remember that all things work together for them that loves God and are called according to His purpose and no matter what you are passing through bible says your other brethren in the world are passing through it too.GOD BLESS U.

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